About Us

SMG Inc. owns and successfully manages a diverse portfolio of apartments and real estate properties, covering a full spectrum of existing and emerging management needs. From the first time owners who need assistance in getting their operation off the ground, to overseeing the renovation and rehabilitation of projects, to managing the turnaround of distressed properties, our staff and partners have the expertise and experience to surpass your expectations. With offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we are uniquely positioned to serve a wide market area, and we have a proven track record to tackle every challenge and capitalize on every opportunity.

At SMG Inc. we are committed to excellence, and take pride in offering a safe, comfortable, and affordable living environment for all of our residents. Our management team looks forward to meeting with you and eventually to servicing your needs, quickly and efficiently! . Our trained and highly qualified staff provides our residents with a quality living experience which is unmatched by our competitors.

We believe the key in delivering ultimate value for our clients is in the creation of a highly focused, superior team of property management professionals that are supported by mature processes and the most advanced tools in the industry. Our team is comprised of property managers, on-site staff, and always supported by our central office support staff who are always available to help solve special problems and meet unforeseen management needs.

Communication is a cornerstone value at SMG Inc. We believe that regular and open communication throughout the organization is paramount to linking resources and their collective talent to the benefit of every client in the SMG Inc. family. At SMG Inc. we believe our shared values approach to property management, with each member having an interest and contributing to the overall success of every client, is part of our core value system.